How To Handle Sad Moments

You can’t easily brush off sadness. A lot of people take it for granted an eventually fall into the pit of depression. It is a must for you to find good ways to lift you up every time you are sad. This will help you temporarily rest from being sad. Here are some of the things that you can try to relieve yourself of sadness.

Listen to happy songs

Update your playlist with some happy tunes. There are some songs which make you feel like it was really meant for you and how you feel at the moment. You can also try listening to your favorite play list when you feel sad. As you browse through your playlist try to get rid of the depressing themes for the moment.

Watch movies that cheer you up

You can also check out some goodold movies that can make you feel good. If you love watching movies it is likely that you have already seen most of the recent movies. You can look for older movies like the drop dead fred movie which will surely cheer you up. You should drop by your friendly video store and look for a drop dead fred dvd.

Avoid over eating

One of the biggest mistakes of people when they are sad is to try to become happy by over eating. Some people think of food as their anti-depressants. This might lead to bigger problems alter on such as obesity which can be harder to deal with. Luckily you have the option to channel your energy to something else like exercise, which also prompts the release of happy hormones.

Talk to people when you have time

It’s not a good idea to keep on thinking and analyzing things whenyou are feeling low. You should instead spend more time communicating with the people you love that support you. It is true that there are people who will just worsen your feeling so you should find those that know your situation and are considerate and sensitive enough to talk to you with care.

Be alone if you need to

There are also things that you need to handle by yourself. You should try finding happiness in solitude. You can watch a cheerful movie alone or you can go for a drive in the country side by yourself when you have time.

Be thankful

You should also think of the things, the people and the events that you are thankful of. This may be an overly used advice but it is so because it works. The main concept behind this strategy is that thankfulness and sadness are two things that repel from each other.


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